Miguel Martínez-Losa
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Graphic designer, communication advisor, layout artist, typographer, front and back end developer, web developer, video graphic artist, publisher, draftsman, photographer, music documentalist and co-founder of Komuso. Showrunner of all this.

Alejandra López
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Producer, director, camerawoman, video editor, multimedia content developer, social media manager, editor, translator, customer service and international management expert, manufacturer of small robots and co-founder of Komuso. Creator and driver of Colorsandia.

Usual teammates

Luis Miguel Arribas
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Industrial and graphic designer, technical expert on design and publishing, 3D modeler, graphic techniques and photomontage expert. Komuso’s graphic production supervisor.

Alberto Ballester
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Screen and scriptwriter, content creator, television formats developer, audiovisual producer, short stories writer and oriental cinema expert. He is about to publish the comic book Cercenador with Alberto Silva.

Félix Martínez-Losa
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Versatile artist, painter, sculptor, engraver, draftsman, illustrator, muralist, inker, videoartist, professor and instructor. Nowadays he is creating his new show project after Musas.

Alberto Payo
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Journalist, editor, writer, blogger, new technologies information expert, interviewer and stand-up comedian. Product Manager and co-founder of Applicantes, the first spanish web about daily about applications world.

Alberto Rivas
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Producer, screenwriter, director, cameraman, film editor and video assist, PR and actor. Winner of 36HSF with his short La mujer de mi vida.

Alberto Silva
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Narrative and publishing illustrator, cartoonist, animator, computer graphics artist, storyboarder, sketch card painter, audiovisual postproductor and infographer. Co-creator of Cercenador and creator of the webcomic series Steel Raining.